Typescript vs Javascript

What is Typescript

Typescript is a language developed by Microsoft to avoid the common pitfalls of Javascript programming. More than being a new language, typescript tries to achieve being a super set of javascript. As you already know, javascript doesn’t have type information and until recently it didn’t support real object oriented design patterns like classes etc. Being the world’s new baby and gaining tremendous attraction so fast, javascript has been evolving faster than anything.…

Javascript Async programming: Pitfalls and how to avoid them

Javascript has evolved immensely in the past decade. A new culture started rising where developers are contributing to the community, trusting many external packages and being MEAN. The reason behind this is everyone was getting too tired of writing different code on the client and server, designing transportation protocols, serializing/deserializing all the data and not being able to use this code anywhere else in their own project.…

Go (GoLang) Programming Language from a C#/Java perspective? Is it worth the switch?

As most of you’ve heard, Go is the new programming language(Maybe not so new anymore) being actively developed by Google. Being a new actor on the scenes, it’s becoming more and more popular. We’ve took a decision to give it a try few months ago and implemented one of our projects in pure Go. I’ll try to share the nice things I’ve liked about it, the pain points and will try to share my knowledge to make it easier for you to decide if you should switch to it or not.…

Is Managed(C#/Java) Code Slower Than Native(C/C++) ?

As a developer, you either ask this question to yourself or keep hearing it from your friends. “Is Managed(C#/Java) Code Slower Than Native(C/C++) ?”. Well the answer is: It depends!

Targeting different CPUs

JIT(Just In Time) Compiler is a major component of managed code. Most of the code you’re running is actually compiled when they’re needed. Which gives JIT Compiler the unique ability of examining the CPU and then enabling CPU specific optimizations.…

How to use Microsoft Project Oxford Speech Recognition

Project Oxford is a web API provided by Microsoft for making developer’s lives easy for dealing with artificial intelligence like face detection and speech recognition(projectoxford.ai). Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to write your first application which can recognize speech in less than 5 minutes.


  1. In order to use Microsoft Oxford library, you need an Microsoft Azure account.

A Great Talk on Concurrency

If you’re curious about all the compiler optimizations, processor optimization and how your code is running in real multi-threaded/multi-processor world, I’d highly suggest watching the videos below:

C++ and Beyond 2012: Herb Sutter – atomic<> Weapons, 1 of 2

C++ and Beyond 2012: Herb Sutter – atomic<> Weapons, 2 of 2

Playing with Bash keyboard shortcuts

Today I’ll share about how to use keyboard shortcuts in Linux Bash to make it more convenient for all of us. Go to your home directory(~) which is usually located under “/home/{UserName}/” and open the file “.inputrc”. You should create one if it doesn’t exists. This file is used by bash typing library to provide key-bindings or features like auto complete etc.…

Writing High-Performance .NET Code

If you ever wanted to write blazing fast .NET code that can compete with even native code or just need a boost to your existing software this book is an amazing resource. It’s written by Ben Watson who is one of the senior developers in Bing XAP platform which runs main Bing logic by providing a main framework for all components to work with each other.…

Head First Design Patterns

If you’re new to the design patterns or just want to brush up your skills or need help with explaining these patterns to other people, this book is a great resource. It includes all basic patterns that a developer faces day to day life. If you found it hard to understand “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” by gang of four, this book will definitely help.…